CRISPR Screen Dataset

Aguirre AJ (2016) - 8-PMID27260156

Title: Genomic Copy Number Dictates a Gene-Independent Cell Response to CRISPR/Cas9 Targeting.

Screen Details:

  • Screen Rationale : Cell-essential genes
  • Cell Type : Cancer Cell Line [EFO:0001639]
  • Cell Line : EWS-502
  • Phenotype : Cell Proliferation
  • Library : GECKO v2 [AddGene] | Type: CRISPRn | Format: Pool | Enzyme: Cas9 | Methodology: Knockout
  • Analysis Method : CERES | Number of Hits: 2,010 | Full Dataset Size: 17,627
  • Experimental Setup : Timecourse | Duration: 21 Days | MOI: < 1
  • Significance : Authors have indicated that results with Score.2 (FDR) < 0.05 are to be considered significant. These results are indicated by 'Yes' in the HIT column of the table below.
  • The 33 cell line GeCKOv2 dataset from PMID:27260156 was re-analysed using the CERES method in PMID:29083409 and this CERES dataset was loaded into ORCS. To identify gene hits at an FDR < 0.05, ORCS estimated FDRs for the CERES GeCKOv2 dataset using customized gold-standard positive and negative sets of genes. The custom positive set included genes essential in at least 90% of cell lines in both the CERES Avana dataset (PMID:29083409) and the 10 cell lines included in Bertomeu et al. (PMID:29038160). The custom negative set included genes essential in zero cell lines from one of the two datasets and in <=10% of the other dataset. Genes scoring among the top 1,500 in >10% and at least two cell lines in either of the following three studies were further filtered from the negative set: PMID:27260156, PMID:27760321, PMID:28162770.

Score Distribution

< 1.69088833450662
> -2.28039782957639

CRISPR Screen Results (2010 hits)