CRISPR Screen Dataset

Blondel CJ (2016) - 1-PMID27453484

Title: CRISPR/Cas9 Screens Reveal Requirements for Host Cell Sulfation and Fucosylation in Bacterial Type III Secretion System-Mediated Cytotoxicity.

Screen Details:

  • Phenotypic readout: cell proliferation
  • HT-29 cells were exposed to the gram-negative marine bacterium V. parahaemolyticus which usually expresses two type III secretion systems: T3SS1 and T3SS2. In this screen T3SS2 has been inactivated and only T3SS1 is functional. Cells were screened for gene knock-outs that conferred resistance to T3SS1 induced toxicity.
  • This screen is one of two biological replicates from this paper (screen 1 and 2 are replicates)

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