Introduction of Quantitative Genetic Interaction Evidence Codes

For the 2.0.61 update, the BioGRID has introduced two new experimental evidence codes for quantitative genetic interactions, termed Negative Genetic and Positive Genetic. In light of the massive amount of new quantitative genetic interaction data generated in high-throughput studies, we have assigned the associated evidence codes to distinguish this data type from qualitative genetic data. All quantitative genetic interaction data will be categorized as either Negative Genetic or Positive Genetic with values reported for each interaction. This change requires that several quantitative studies currently reported in the BioGRID will be reassigned to the new evidence codes.

The affected records are: Schuldiner M (2005) (Pubmed: 16269340), Collins SR (2007) (Pubmed: 17314980), Roguev A (2008) (Pubmed: 18818364), Wilmes GM (2008) (Pubmed: 19061648), and Fieldler D (2009) (Pubmed: 19269370); each of these datasets had previously been assigned evidence codes of Phenotypic Enhancement and Phenotypic Suppression. The new quantitative genetic dataset reported in Costanzo M. et al. (2010) (Pubmed: 20093466) has been entered with the new codes. All other qualitative genetic interaction data will remain unaffected.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause. Definitions for all evidence codes used in BioGRID can be found in our help wiki at

February 2nd, 2010 - 12:14 AM