Welcome to The GRID 2.0 BETA

This is the first news post, of hopefully many, for the new and improved GRID 2.0. While the site is currently in Alpha stage, we have already made several significant improvements over our previous version of the site. Most notably:

  • Integrated Multi-Organism Search: You can now search all our organisms from a single unified front end

  • Autogenerated Interaction Maps: Our search results now contains graphical representations of the network of interest

  • Support for Subset Downloads in Multiple Formats: We now allow for downloading of smaller interaction subsets in both Tab-Delimited and PSI formatted files

  • Complex/Pathway/Non-Protein Interaction Support: Our newest data model now allows us to support interactions in addition to Protein-Protein

  • Improved Cross Database Linking: With our newest annotation, we now support links to more than 30 different databases around the globe

  • Site Mirrors: Now, you can connect to the GRID nearest you for the fastest response times possible

This is a BETA release of our new site so as we continue to tweak and modify the site to get things right, we hope that you will let us know of any suggestions you may have on how to make it better.

August 23rd, 2005 - 04:58 PM