Featured Dataset: 27,000+ new co-fractionation interactions for mouse from Pourhaghighi R et al. (2020)

The latest update of BioGRID (build 3.5.186) adds 27,000+ new mouse co-fractionation interactions from the study "BraInMap Elucidates the Macromolecular Connectivity Landscape of Mammalian Brain" by Pourhaghighi R et al (Cell Syst., April 2020). To elucidate the protein interactions underlying normal neuron function in the mammalian brain, the authors performed a comprehensive multi-dimensional biochemical fractionation assay, surveying endogenous macromolecules across the adult mouse brain and providing a global interactome.

A special thanks to all authors of the study: Pourhaghighi R, Ash PEA, Phanse S, Goebels F, Hu LZM, Chen S, Zhang Y, Wierbowski SD, Boudeau S, Moutaoufik MT, Malty RH, Malolepsza E, Tsafou K, Nathan A, Cromar G, Guo H, Abdullatif AA, Apicco DJ, Becker LA, Gitler AD, Pulst SM, Youssef A, Hekman R, Havugimana PC, White CA, Blum BC, Ratti A, Bryant CD, Parkinson J, Lage K, Babu M, Yu H, Bader GD, Wolozin B, and Emili A

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June 4th, 2020 - 02:08 PM