BioGRID 3.4 - Now Live

The BioGRID was updated today to our newest release designated BioGRID 3.4. This update includes several bug fixes and user interface improvements as well as some new features. The following is a short list of some of the changes:

  • Improved Post-Translational Modification View. We have made many changes to our post-translational modification (PTM) view in order to become more user-friendly and to better support non-assigned PTMs and PTMs assigned to isoform proteins. If available, these will be accessible via the “PTM Sites” tab in the “Switch View” section of our interaction summaries. Examples: STE11, TP53, NEDD8, STE20, and Breitkreutz A (2010) et al. (PUB:20489023).
  • New Individual Interaction View. As requested by many users, you can now link to individual interaction pages within the BioGRID. These pages list all of the details for a single interaction and can be reached using a URL structure of[interaction id]. The following are a few examples: STE11-STE50, DAD1-FUS1, TP53-MDM2, and PTC-BABO.
  • Improved Source Database Attribution. All interactions now prominently display a “Curated By” reference indicating the source database responsible for originally curating the interaction from the literature. This attribution has been available since the beginning, but was displayed via a tooltip. Interactions not originally curated by the BioGRID will now link directly to the original source without requiring a visit to the tooltip. Example: Bazooka.
  • More Statistics. On our statistics page we have included (in addition to our physical and genetic interaction statistics) new tables displaying chemical association statistics and post translational modification statistics for the current BioGRID release.
  • Graphical User Interface Updates. We’ve made several user interface updates to improve the functionality of the BioGRID and to reduce page load times.
  • Download File Improvements. We’ve fixed several issues with our download files to improve compatibility with standards. In addition, we’ve also included a new download file format for Chemical Associations. This file can be downloaded via our downloads page. For more information on this new format, visit our Help Wiki.
  • Updated Wiki Documentation. We’ve updated several pages in our Wiki to provide updated documentation on a variety of topics.

These are just some of the many improvements now available in BioGRID 3.4. We have many additional features already under development for version 3.5 that will expand on this functionality and ensure the BioGRID remains a useful resource for the biological community. If you have any questions about this build or suggestions for future builds, please feel free to contact us at

June 1st, 2015 - 08:03 PM